About The Bird Artist

My name is Steve Bradbury.  I'm located in South Texas, near San Antonio, with my wonderful wife and two fantastic daughters.  

Waterfowl Studios

Waterfowl & Upland Bird Taxidermy by Steve Bradbury

Growing up on a creek, I developed a deep love for the outdoors.  Waterfowl hunting and fishing are my passions.   It was only a matter of time before my love for the wildlife I found along the water turned into the business of waterfowl taxidermy...bringing the outdoors in.   

I've also been a San Antonio Fire Fighter since 1996, at the oldest station in the city, #9.  

Nothing makes me happier than a great waterfowl hunting trip alongside my hunting buddies, wife, children, and bird dog, Buddy.  The hunts never lasts long enough, but are definitely some of my favorite memories.  

Capturing the birds "in action" through bird taxidermy enables me to fill my home with not only visual reminders of those memories, but also realistic works of art, straight out of nature.  It is my heartfelt goal to do the exact same thing for you.   Though my family and I avidly hunt all animals, my business is only birds.   

Here's a video we put together, showing a few of my various hunting experiences with family and buddies.  Fantastic memories.  Turn up the volume!   I look forward to working with you and we promise to always strive to provide you with the finest duck taxidermy in San antonio..  Enjoy...


Bird Taxidermy in San Antonio