Waterfowl Studios

Waterfowl & Upland Bird Taxidermy by Steve Bradbury

Field & Stream Magazine

In Fall 2013, Waterfowl Studios received a phone call from a professional photographer.  This photographer does work for major magazines, major airlines, Walmart, Target, Oprah, major car dealerships, and more.  He said that Field & Stream Magazine needed a picture of a mounted goose for an article they were writing.  They were looking to that photographer to supply the pictures; he's the photographer they regularly use.  First he had to locate the bird.  He said he researched the internet for waterfowl taxidermists, and liked our work the best.   We can't express how incredibly humbling that was.  He then paid us to use one of our geese.  

We spent an exciting day in his studio.  A minimum of 7 hours worth of pictures were taken.  It was a highly interesting and educational day, seeing the world of advertising up close and personal.  The details the photographer zeroed in on were mind-boggling.   Each changing position of lighting (at least 30), changing of props, each turn of the bird, backdrops, Steve had to apply droplets of water to the feet and bill, and used a porcupine quill to tweak small feathers between bird adjustments.   


The finished pictures made it into the December/January 2013 issue of Field & Stream Magazine.  We have now named our celebrity goose, Goos-tauv.  You can see him when you bring us your birds.  

"The perils of duck hunting are great- especially for the duck."  Walter Cronkite

These are pictures of the actual Field & Stream Magazine photo shoot.  It took about 7 hours of non-stop photography.  To see the pictures closer up, go to the thumbnails below and click on them.  

Click on thumbnail to see it closer.