Waterfowl Studios

Waterfowl & Upland Bird Taxidermy by Steve Bradbury


Like a fingerprint, each bird is completely unique.   When clients bring their birds to Waterfowl Studios, the bird artist, Steve, gives the client his undivided attention.  He's all too happy to listen to the hunter's trophy story (often chiming in), and will examine each bird for the most ideal mounted pose.   

Some birds with vastly colorful wings lend themselves to being posed with the wings spread out, like a flying pose, while other birds are equally as pretty in standing or grooming poses.  Examples of each are shown below. The client and Steve will work together to decide which pose would be the most ideal for each bird.  (* In a few cases, however, birds are too damaged from shooting, or the bird is too young...affecting their feathers and plumage.  These situations do not make good mounts, and Steve will be very honest with the client, so as to not produce an unattractive mount...and not waste the client's money.)

 Steve can also create, from scratch,  gorgeous, and very realistic outdoor "habitat" scenes...making the birds look as if they're still outside in nature.   

Here are examples of each of our pose cateories...Standing, Flying, and Habitat/ "Dead Mounts".