Waterfowl Studios

Waterfowl & Upland Bird Taxidermy by Steve Bradbury


We have a standard fee per bird mount, no matter if it is in a standing or flying bird.  The standard prices per type of bird are listed below.  That standard fee includes the backboard or base, and/or a piece of driftwood to enhance the finished look (no extra charge).    For multiple birds in a mount, apply these prices to each bird to calculate cost: 

Standard Fees:

Duck:  $200 (per)

Goose (Snows, Blues, Lesser Canada, and Whitefront):  $300

Goose (Greater Canada):  $350

Pheasant:  $200

Quail:  $175

​Turkey: $700

Sandhill Crane:  $600

Habitats & Dead Mounts are not a set fee.  Habitats usually contain a combination of realistic-looking elements to create a beautiful and detailed outdoor scene.  Element options include (depending upon the type of bird, and its natural habitat) artificial water (which Steve hand-makes and strategically pours), specific soils (to mimic the bird's natural surroundings), rocks and/or (hand-made, artificial) boulder-like pedestals, plant-life and brush associated with that the particular bird... or whatever other details that the client desires.  Steve has added antlers in the soil under brush in some Habitats, and could even include any personal items the customer has, to further memorialize the hunt...such as the shell casing that was used, etc.  

Dead Mount box displays are built by Steve, and often include collectible hunting accessories.

Therefore, creating a Habitat, or display for a Dead Mount will be an extra charge (determined by size and amount of desired detail)... in addition to the cost per bird in the mount.  The final price can only be determined after planning the mount with Steve.